Natural stone exports have developed rapidly in the last decade, except for the last two years, in which the figures declined moderately. Turkish stone can be found in the buildings and sidewalks of 200 different countries. Turkish Marble Export to China The total value of natural stone exports reached US$ 1,9 billion in 2015. More than one third of Turkish natural stone exports are made to China with 38%. The other important trading partner is USA with a share of 17%, which is followed by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, India and UAE. Highest value of exports belongs to processed marble with 51%. Block marble ranks first with a US$ 980 million export value. In 2015, the main countries that Turkey exported processed marble were the USA, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE and France. Block marble ranked second with US$ 864 million in 2015. China, India, Taipei, Indonesia and Egypt are the major buyers of block marble from Turkey.


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